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Our company Entice With Spice, is a family owned business near Toowoomba, Queensland – established in 1995.

Our spices are known to entice the unassuming customer due to our own exquisite blends as well as our evolving range of traditional and exotic herbs and spices. We are here to appease the varied tastes of our patron’s palate. Our enduring guiding principle remains; create the exceptional.....by continually searching unusual spices, to developing new blends, to offering our customers the very best culinary experience.

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It’s our steely determination to provide an unparalleled level of service and excellence that is reflected in our operations. We have a quality and food safety management system developed through years of industry experience. We see our product as a reflection of ourselves and go to great lengths to assure our standards remain high and exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are since 1995

Even though spices have been used for thousands of years we are always still delighted by the alluring appeal of their aroma, texture and colour. But what we find magical is with a quick dash, shake, sprinkle it can transform an ordinary meal into the exceptional..... and this is what we’re passionate about. Enjoy creating.

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